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Latest Updates

Marble Surface

Version 3.2

April 2022


Shiny new graphics and buttons

Card metrics - see how many stamps and rewards have been given!

Help videos for giving stamps and making cards

Language support for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian and (partially) Hindi

Improved screenreader text

You must now subscribe in order to make cards. Early card-makers have been given 8 months free - thanks for the support!

Version 2.6

November 2021

Minor tweaks and fixes

  • Navigation has been made easier, especially in the CardMaker

  • Updating My Details is now more reliable

Version 2.5

October 2021

Biiiig update!

You can now login with Apple or FaceBook - no need to confirm an email

Portrait mode! Your cards now display either way up!

Bigger stamps!

Major overhaul of the UI, making everything clearer and easier to use

Fixed a couple of bugs

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