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The Collective

Collectivise Ltd

Apps are my passion!

Passion projects and ideas

I design and build apps on both Apple App Store and Google Play

All my projects are 100% independent, my own creations!

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All your Loyalty Cards

iPhone 11 Pro Max - 1.jpg
iPhone 11 Pro Max - 2.jpg
iPhone 11 Pro Max - 3.jpg
iPhone 11 Pro Max - 4.jpg
iPhone 11 Pro Max - 5.jpg

Make a card in seconds

It's not hard, it's not complicated
Make a basic card with just your phone in seconds, literally!
Or take your time and get everything just the way you like it

Scan barcodes - give stamps!

Just scan customers' barcodes and press the button. You can give upto 10 stamps at once.
The app will show you how many stamps the customer has now, and if they have collected a reward

Friends can give stamps too

Your friends / employees / business partners can give stamps for your cards. Just add them!

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